Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism – High quality of dental service with affordable prices, additional tourist services.

Within Dental Tourism there are complex tours where are offered such services to tourists as: Dental treatment within the number of planned work cases and includes treatment with limited manipulation for a short period of time;

Interest in dental tourism is growing, and its main advantage in Georgia is that our patients are given the opportunity to get high-quality dental services using high-tech equipment and materials.

In developed countries the prices of medical services have increased, including dental services still remain the most expensive. Within Dental Tourism patient is able to save a large amount of money, compared to what he would do in his country, in traditional treatment. It makes our offer even more attractive;

Some of our most common services

◊ Surgery Implantation; Open and internal sinus lifting; Implantation; Correction of bridles and gums; treatment of complete retention, etc.
◊ Art restoration, endodontic treatment;
◊ Teeth-splinting; Parodontological cases cases (gingival diseases treatment); Children’s therapeutic dentistry, etc.
◊ Orthopaedic Removable and semi-detachable structures; cases of telescopic and arch prosthetics on implants;

◊ Correction of bite and dental arches; “Hollywood smile”; aesthetic orthopaedics; cermet and zircon ceramics; press ceramic and ceramic crowns and veneers;
◊ Orthodontics Ceramic braces, zircon braces, lingual braces; treatment with orthodontic caps.