Svaneti Lakes and Mountains

Day I: Arrival to Kutaisi

 Arrival at the airport and transfer to Mestia / Svaneti
Beautiful, wild and mysterious, Svaneti is an ancient land locked in the Caucasus, so remote that it was never tamed by any ruler. Uniquely picturesque villages and snow-covered, 4000m-plus peaks rising above flower-strewn alpine meadows provide a superb backdrop to the many walking trails. Svaneti’s emblem is the koshki (defensive stone tower), designed to house villagers at times of invasion and local strife. Around 175koshkebi, most originally built between the 9th and 13th centuries, survive here today.
 Arrival to Mestia, Check in the Hotel, Free time
 Welcome dinner with Svanetian hospitality

Day 2: Guided tour around Mestia
 Breakfast at the hotel
 Sightseeing in Mestia, visiting tower district: Svan Towers are the symbol of Svanetia. Nowhere in the world is there an analogue of these unique defensive structures of the early Middle Ages epoch. Historically the existence of the towers is explained by the necessity of protection against enemy and natural disasters. Therefore each house had a similar tower which served for the families as a refuge in case of war. Alarm signalization was the other function of Svan towers. They were used as sentry posts. In case of approaching danger a fire was lit on the main tower. As soon as this flame was noticed on the nearest tower they lit a fire there as well. This process was repeated on and on until the entire gorge was instantly ready to fight.
 Zuruldi/Hatsvali- a 1.5 kilometer long ropeway will take you to mount Zuruldi. This mountain is well known for its unique views of the white slopes of Tetnuldi and the Caucasus mountain range

Day 3
 Breakfast at the hotel
 Svaneti National museum
Mestia’s excellent main museum ranges over church treasures, manuscripts, weaponry, jewelery, musical instruments and historical photos, wonderful 10th-to-14th-century icons from Svaneti’s churches, fashioned in silver or painted in tempera on wood having a uniquely human and touching quality
 Moving to Village Latali – Museum under open air preserving about 80 oldest orthodox churches
 Evening at the hotel in Mestia

Day 4
 Trip To Ushguli -a community of four villages is considered to be the highest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe.
Ushguli is located at an altitude of 2,410 meters near the foot of Shkhara, one of the highest summits of the Greater Caucasus mountains. It is a fortified settlement of the Middle Ages consisting of traditional Svan towers, dwelling houses and an ancient church of the 11 th century, Lamaria, with impressive wall frescos. Ushguli architectural complex is a valuable architectural and historical monument entered in the list the World heritage of UNESCO for its exclusiveness.
Visit of Lamaria church, museum of icons, Towers of Queen Tamara, Ushguli
Ethnographic Museum.
 Back to hotel in the evening in Mestia

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel
 Moving to Koruldi Lakes at the foot of Ushba mountain
Overnight in Mazeri

Day 6:
 Mazeri, Becho, Shdigra Waterfall – the tallest waterfall of Georgia. Marked path starts from Mazeri village in Becho community, On the road you can enjoy beautiful pine forest, mineral springs, splendid meadows, views to Ushba summit and beautiful river gorge.
 Overnight in Mazeri

Day 7: Departure to Kutaisi
 transfer to the airport